Where? When?


Forgotten all our comings and goings over the last 25 years?  

Perhaps this will help...

Year House/Location Missing/Early departures Guests Visitors
1978 Croftfoot, Ennerdale
1979 Croftfoot, Ennerdale David Fallows + Mollie and Hannah Mapp, Helen and Jonathan Orchard (Easter Day) / Granny and Grandpa Fallows for dinner (17/04/79)
1980 Croftfoot, Ennerdale
1981 Croftfoot, Ennerdale
1982 Midtown House, High Lorton Hubbards x6 (Easter Day) / Granny and David Fallows + Jan and RBA's cousin + wife (Mon)
1983 Croftfoot, Ennerdale
1984 Low Kiln Bank, Ulpha, Duddon RBA to London 24/04/84, ret. 25/04/84 Hendersons x4 (on Scafell)
1985 Low Kiln Bank, Ulpha, Duddon
1986 Fernbank, Nether Wasdale
1987 Pooley Mill, Pooley Bridge JA1 to Scarborough 21/04/87
1988 Croasdale Farmhouse, Ennerdale RBA to London 06/04/88, ret. 08/04/88(?) Hendersons x4 (Easter Day)
1989 Fairfield, Staveley
1990 Mains House, Pooley Bridge RBA to London 17/04/90, ret. 20/04/90
1991 The Carpenter's Cottage and Sawmill, Coppermines, Coniston RBA to London 03/04/91, ret. 04/04/91 Darren H (JCF) Darren
1992 Looking Steads, Kirkland, Ennerdale RBA, DRA, JA2 + JA3 early departure 20/04/92 / KF and JA1 to Newcastle 22/04/92
1993 Wythebank, Hodge Close, Coniston JA2 to London 13/04/93 / JA1 to Birmingham 15/04/93
1994 Low Drybarrows, Haweswater Kate (working)
1995 High Bridge End, Wabberthwaite KF to Whitley Bay 17/04/95 / JA1, JA2 and JA3 18/04/95 Blatherwicks x4 on Crinkles (19/04/95) / Hubbards x2 + Michael Callaghan + wife for dinner (Newfield Inn, 21/04/95)
1996 Longsleddale KF to Whitley Bay 08/04/96 Beccy (JBA)


1997 Routen House, Ennerdale Jo A (skiing), Jonnie (Australia) Mikel (JCF), Richie (KF)


Mike                 Richie

1998 Kiln How, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale Jo A (AWOL) Mikel, Richie
1999 Birkerthwaite, Eskdale Jo A (AWOL) Richie
2000 Broadings, Mockerkin Richie, Emma (JBA), Andy (JFA)


Emma                Andy

2001 La Borde Neuve, Maury, Pyrenees Emma (JBA), Andy (JFA), Wendy (KF) Wendy
2002 Birkerthwaite, Eskdale

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Midtown House


Low Kiln Bank


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Croasdale Farmhouse


Pooley Mill



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Kiln How




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Looking Steads


The Carpenters Shop and Sawmill (in 1875!)


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Low Drybarrows


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High Bridge End




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Routen House


Mains House


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La Borde Neuve


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