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Easter 2002

The Fallans will be back in the Lake District as usual in 2002 when they will be celebrating their 25th Easter together.  

Geoffrey and JR on Loughrigg in September 2001 

Geoffrey announced his engagement to Jo Revers on new years eve 2001/2 and "JR" will join the Fallan party this Easter for the first time, alongside our regular additions to the team (Andy and Emma).  

So what fun awaits the Daring Dozen on their return visit to Birkerthwaite this Easter?  

Well, its guaranteed to be a momentous week!  We can safely anticipate that many mountains will be climbed, vast quantities of delicious food will be eaten and some excellent vintages will be sampled.  After an absence last year, both porridge and turkey will make a comeback, but Energy Bars probably won't.

But there are always a few things you can't predict in advance.  For example:

Will the turkey fit in the oven?

Will the sun shine?

Will anybody be brave (or stupid) enough to swim?

Will we find any decent bum slides?

How many National Trust properties/garden centres will Diana visit during the week?

How many times will we get lost?

How many bottles of booze will we drink?

Those of you not fortunate enough to be joining us on the 2002 expedition will have to tune in again later in the year to find out.

The next 25 years...?

Who can tell what is in store for the Fallans during the next quarter of a century?  

The older generation has now reached 60+ and so Wainwright's 'Outlying Fells' ("for old age pensioners who have enjoyed the fells in years gone by and are reluctant to put away their boots and call it a day") will no doubt become more and more frequently used as the years go by.

But what challenges remain for the junior Fallans?  Bagging the last few remaining unclimbed fells perhaps, and revisiting (for the umpteenth time) those much-climbed and well-loved old favourites. 

One thing is certain though - old habits die hard and we will continue to be drawn northwards at Easter time.  

As to how many Fallans will be present at the 50th anniversary in 2027, only time will tell.

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