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Easter trivia

The first Log entry was written by GMF on 1st April 1978Eight subsequent entries have been written on April Fools Day, but there have only been two Friday 13th entries, in 1990 (our 13th year!) and 2001.

Jonathan was the first junior to write up a day in the Log, recording Easter Day 1980.

Bowness Knott (which Jonathan has climbed in 13 minutes flat) is the Fallans' most frequently climbed mountain.

We've had more pints in the Wasdale Head than any other pub in Cumbria, but the first pub to be mentioned in the Log is the Woolpack at Boot, visited on 5th April 1978.  Unfortunately it was found to be closed and so the Fallans went to the Bridge at Santon Bridge instead, where the Log recalls they were served cold Scotch bitter (described as being "urgh!").

The lemonade at the Bridge can't have been much better because, as a result of drinking it and following a fast journey home over the "camel humps" (Ennerdale fell road), Jo F was the first Fallan to be sick!

Jo F was also the first to be injured when she was hit on the back of the knee by a falling boulder on the scree run on Bowness Knott on Easter Day 1979.  

The first turkey was cooked on Easter Day 1979.  Famously, the kitchen door had to be removed and used as an extra table in order to accommodate the 14 people (Fallans x 9 plus David Fallows, Mollie, Hannah, Helen and Jonathan) who helped eat it. 

The fattest turkey was a 20lb bird, cooked on Easter Day in 1993.  Its nearest rival was an 18lb turkey which was demolished by 16 people (Fallans x 9 and Hubbards x 6) on Easter Day 1982, the largest ever Fallan party.  Two turkeys were purchased in both 1988 and 2000, although their combined weight is unrecorded in each case.

The first Easter egg hunt was on 16th April 1979 and was deemed a great success (probably because it was not organised by Jonathan!).

The first full English (Cumberland) breakfast was cooked on 16th April 1979.  The first porridge was also brewed that year, on 22nd April.

The first Fallan jigsaw was of Penrith town centre and was completed in 1980.  Subsequent jigsaws have included pictures of the Zodiac (1981), the Matterhorn (1985) and several hundred cats (1994).

The earliest Easter was in 1989 (Good Friday being on 24th March); the latest Easter was in 1984 (Good Friday was on 20th April).

And the earliest Good Friday start from London (Barnet) was at 4.20am in 1992 (GMF, CF and JCF).

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Please note:  The above list has been compiled by reference to the Log and may contain errors where

facts have been incorrectly recorded or omitted by the Scribes.  If you would like to challenge any of the above

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A more comprehensive list of Fallan facts will be added when time allows for further research.

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