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We have taken many hundreds of slides and photographs over the years. Geoffrey wrote in the Log in 1987 that the departure photographs alone, if lined up end to end, would have stretched from Pooley Mill to the Kirkstone Pass.


But fear not! Only a tiny selection of Fallan photos can be found here and you should not be afraid to browse.


Many of our annual end-of-holiday team pictures can be found in the Archive, and some of the most memorable Fallan events are captured in the Classics section. A page has also been dedicated to Carolyn who entertained us all so brilliantly and played such an important role in 23 Fallan Easters.


Huge thanks are due to Geoffrey for some of the early pics, and to Kate and Wendy for their invaluable assistance with the 2001 selection.  Readers are asked to note that the "Hear'Say" party photographs can be found with the review of Easter 2001 - they're worth a look if you've not already seen them!


But before you move on, here's some proof (if it were needed) that the younger Fallans' drinking habits have been inherited from their parents - any time, any place, anywhere... and in any weather conditions!


Easter Day 1994

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