Log & Diary


Croftfoot had a large visitors book in which guests were asked to write notes, events, suggestions and anything they felt might be useful to the Trustees or to future visitors.  Some guests simply wrote a paragraph at the end of their stay, but the Fallans were more creative and wrote an entry in the Log every day diarising their antics.

The daily Log-writing sessions in front of the fire were, for the most part, an adult-only ritual usually started once the younger Fallans had gone to bed (assuming they could stay awake long enough to write anything at all and/or were sober enough to focus their minds and eyes well enough to write legibly and coherently!).

Once our beloved Croftfoot was sold in 1984, the Fallans continued to come to Lakeland at Easter, staying in other rented accommodation in different parts of Cumbria.  None of these other houses had a Croftfoot-style Log book, but recording our daily exploits was a tradition we decided to continue and a letter was sent to Croftfoot's former Trustees requesting photocopies of our early entries.  

The Fallan Log, essentially written by Richard, Geoffrey, Diana and Carolyn, details all our exploits during the last 25 years.  The Log will eventually be published in (limited edition) book form, but extracts can be read on this website.

In the early days, the Fallan youth took it in turns to read aloud to each other before bedtime.  The Adventures of the Robber Hotzenplotz was a particular Fallan favourite in the early days, but our snuff-taking, sauerkraut-eating hero was eventually overthrown when the Adrian Mole's Secret Diary was introduced to us in 1984.  It was only a matter of time before we started a (Secret) Diary of our own to rival the adults' Log.  

At Croftfoot in 1978

The first ever Fallan Diary entry was written on Tuesday 17th April 1984 as an advance Fallan party was staying in Portinscale near Keswick for the few days prior to Good Friday.  Against all odds, we kept the Diary going for eight years (from 1984 to 1991) and some of the highlights can be read here.  


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